Who we are

Welcome to the “La Bicicletta” Bed & Breakfast!

You will wonder why I chose this name .. I admit I was initially rather hesitant at the idea of ​​calling my Bed and Breakfast; my first ideas were obviously linked to our city “Ferrara” but I was looking for something that reflected my experiences as well as my origins.

After the studies in the hotel sector, I left on August 5th 2012 for a “holiday / work” in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. It had to be a “work vacation” of a few months with a friend with the aim of deepening (so I have always repeated), the English language and know new cultures .. In the end the part of the term “holiday / work” with the word ” holiday “has failed … becoming only” work “!

Back in Italy on 30 September 2017, I started working for La Trattoria La Ferrarese, a decade-long restaurant business whose managers are my brother Mattia and his wife Sara; it was back to work on this territory that I had the idea to find a common denominator between our culture and that of Ireland .. a simple means of transport, now an integral part of our society, “the Bicycle”.

In concomitance with this thought I realized that the occasion was placed right above my head! Just upstairs of the restaurant “La Ferrarese” there was a free space with the right size for a rustic, intimate, quiet B & B, where simplicity and attention to detail could find the right setting.

After months of study and integration to my experience in the hotel industry I finally managed to realize my vision, a Bed & Breakfast suitable for that tourist who seeks an immersion in a particular context, close to the bicycle touring axis of the Po, which can appreciate the typical cuisine offered by one of the best catering facilities in the Ferrara area, which has services and rooms equipped with the necessary comforts for a pleasant and intimate stay.

Rooms with private bathroom, smart TV, wifi and kitchen available; but the real gem is the breakfasts .. entirely homemade production!

Having the trattoria “la Ferrarese” on the floor below, the breakfasts are prepared in the early morning with fresh food of our production! In addition to the common area, breakfast can also be taken in your room or on the furnished terrace.

The idea had been outlined, the structure was ready, but I said to myself “Nice! But something is still missing .. but of course! Why not make available to the Bicycles?”
That’s why I set up a space for the storage of your vehicle or even the ability to access our service (including in the living room) of bike rental.

The structure, in fact, is just a few meters from one of the accesses of the tourist cycle path of the Po River. This path, which crosses the entire province of Ferrara from east to west, arriving in Mantua and Lombardy, is one of the most characteristic cycle routes Italian. Roads, paths, landscapes designed for the pleasure of pedaling.

But in addition to this fantastic path we do not forget that the best way to visit the city and its surroundings is, unquestionably, the two-wheeled vehicle, able to give the tourist a sense of priceless freedom, and leave home the idea of ​​routine that the car or other means impose on us. The pedaling is facilitated by a horizontal landscape, without altitudes, interrupted only by the verticality of crenellated towers, trees or mighty banks.

Naturalistic Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Food and Wine Tourism; if this is what you are looking for, you have found it at the “La Bicicletta” Bed & Breakfast.